Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keeping busy

I have been trying to stay busy with small projects. Just finished couple of dishcloths, square thingies, a cell pouch, a camera pouch and attempted a knit skirt. I found this little kitty on the net. Since I am trying to increase my knitting speed I figured this would make a good, quick project.

Next, I decided to make something using tunisian crochet. I wanted something to protect my camera from scratches so...The Camera Pouch!

After I created the camera pouch, my friend wanted one for her cell phone. She gave me her bright orange yarn that made me think of Cheetos the entire time I was working with this yarn. I kid you not, I kept looking for that orange build up on my fingers! Since I couldn't get Cheetos out of my head I ended buying a huge bag and crunched my heart out, AND, licked the orange stuff off each finger! YUMMY!!!

Then finally, finding a pattern/formula to knit a top down skirt for the perfect fit, I decided give that a try. Something I knew would keep me busy for a while. Once I got the formula right, after ripping the skirt twice, I was on my way. This is a great formula that allows for lots of creativity. Once I get my hands on some yarn, I will definity use this pattern to make an originally mine skirt.

Keep stitchin'