Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still in the green

Ok so I'm been busy trying a little this and a little that before I make something else. I want new ideas for the new year. To while away some time I made a baby sleep sack for one of my co-workers. She it and especially the shades of green which match the nursery color scheme perfectly. I made the matching cap but forgot to take a shot of it so it's not here but it's made just like the sack. This is a very simple, quick project. The pattern is from Suettea Williams' blog, also found on ravelry.

With some of the leftover yarn I decided to give sock knitting a try. I can practically crochet socks in my sleep now but I've always wanted to know how to knit socks. I found a decent pattern on like Anatomy of a sock which included a 'trainer sock tutorial' by Kate Atherley. Even though the instructions are pretty good I needed to see it to get a good understanding of it. So I went surfing for a decent video online. The video I found on youtube is Dorret's. Excellent video for someone who needs to see how to knit socks, for me anyway. Dorret has a cute British accent but I think it's easy enough to understand what she's saying. The camera is over her shoulder so seeing everything from the right angle is very good. One of the problems I was having was figuring out how to get a circle started to make the cuff. Believe it or not I've knitted a skirt but I was drawing a blank. So Dorret's vid proved very useful in helping to simple get that circle started. I did make a few mistakes with the sock put I think its mostly the size. The pattern is for a mini sock that can be used as an ornament or put on a key chain. I think I know enough to now make a pair of socks for me. Then I'll try some for someone else when I know I've gotten it down.

Keep stitchin'