Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shipwreck fun

This shawl is so much fun! Lace looks so intricate and intimidating but I'm finding that it really isn't at all.  A series of strategic placed yo, ssk and k2tog, for the most part, turns into the most incredible piece of work. As you work through, and I can only speak for myself, I start to notice the pattern.  This makes it easier to catch a mistake when I’m paying attention.  I start to see that on the current row, for instance, the ssk should fall right before the yo of the previous row. Or maybe, that (yo, k1, yo)  be right over a ssk on the previous row.

I don’t necessarily use stitch markers, don’t have enough.  What I do instead is used about 5-6 scraps of yarn, each about 3-4 inches in length.  I rotate these markers as I go along by simply sliding the farthest one out and placing it at the new starting point along the round. So my markers just move with my work. Stop to count in between the sections before moving on.  Often, just like typing, I can tell when my count is off and can easily correct it that way.
One of the biggest things I’ve come to discover about lace or knitting and crocheting a pattern in general is that I need a bit of noise. Even though I’ve read books and blogs that say find a quiet place if it’s too quiet I make more mistakes.  If there is no music or tv, not folk talking incessantly, I start thinking and daydreaming which leads to more mistakes.  However, having other sounds cause me to focus in order to stay on track. My be odd to others but works well for me since I now know that’s what I need.
Is there another Shipwreck in my future...who knows.  My goal is to continue to try creating my lace pieces that are just as gorgeous as this.

Keep stitchin'

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Now why would something so pretty has such a name.
I fell in love with this shawl as soon as I saw, and what a surprise to find out that it's free!  The pattern is on the knitty web site, and on ravelry of course.
This is one of the beautys that made me gasp. Mine is off to a pretty good start though it have made a couple of mistakes.  Hopefully they won't show too much.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

All I need now is a rocking chair

The weather is changing and I need to keep my shoulders room while I work both at work and it home.  I didn't want to follow a pattern, I'm trying to learn to make my own creations as much as possible.
I started a shawl using my stitchionary books to add texture and a few guidelines to help me get started.  I totally love the results I have. I ran out of the gray yarn so I'm finishing up with some burgundy. This is yarn left over from my $5 in Paris top.

I finish up the last rows and bind off tonight. Next, some light blocking since it's acrylic and then it's done.

Keep stitchin'


I created my own, totally original top.  I bought a pattern and it ended up being a waste of my money, the designer was no help in explaining it to me, that will never happen again.  What it done is let a bad taste in my mouth for new designers.  I will be very hesitant about ever buying a pattern from a new designer.  If I've never heard of them, can not google them, and can't find hundreds of patterns made by others, I certainly will not be one of the first.
So this is what I ended up with, my Faux Overlapping top based sort of on a pattern by Kristin Omdahl's book The Finer Edge.

It's reversible!

Keep stitchin'