Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Just stitchin along

So after taking some time off trying some new things, like having a life, I'm back on track with the ones who really understand me. That's right, all my needles and hooks, they never let me down. lol

So two sweater completed but I'm not sure about the fit. Tried to take care of that yesterday but alas, I was stood up! So let's hope the baby can get these before she gets too fat. Now I can get back to big girl stuff. Hey!!! not that kinda big girl! I've got my eyes on some shrugs, hats, jewelry, socks...and so on, and so on. Ok now I'm drooling, cuse me while I go get a towel.

Keep stitchin'

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Purple Pleasures Necklace

Of course there needed to be a necklace to go along with those earrings! I actually did two rounds for the necklace so it would be a bit bigger. I love the length, it falls teasingly right into place.

Now what I want is to perfect this a bit more and than buy better quality wire for really stunning pieces. For now, I have to learn to incorporate beads into the piece instead of just around the edges. None the less, I am very pleased with these pieces.
Keep stitchin'

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Purple Pleasures crochet earrings

I wanted some earrings to wear today for Happy Nappy Day so I crocheted a pair and added a purple dangle! It's a simple granny square made from 24 gauge silver wire. I used a 1lb dumbell to flatten it out and then shaped it a bit. The pattern idea came from ravelry of course. But if you already know how to crochet a granny square you're good to go.

These will look very nice with the purple outfit I'll be wearing to Happy Nappy Day. It's finally here!! Stay tuned for pics from the event!!

Keep stitchin'

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Duke the petite pit bull

Duke is a pit bull I found on ravelry and thought he'd make a great pet for Alberta. If your not a member of ravelry you should join but in the meantime, if you can't access ravelry go to Liz Lindo's website to find the free pattern for this cutie. The things she is creating are specular!! Like the, again free, pattern for a breathtaking top called the Lotus Blossom Cardigan She even shows how she pieced it together. How cool is this!!! She only makes this top in a med size so too bad for me but maybe I can still use her technique and come up with something. First I need to get help making a duct tape mannequin.

But anyway, Duke!!

He's a very happy little guy and he loves his owner, Alberta.

What's next? Robert Earl is coming to keep both Alberta and Duke in line...stay tuned.
Keep stitchin'

Monday, July 5, 2010

PC fading fast!!!

My computer is dying! I can hardly do anything without getting a message that I'm out of memory. I don't know much of anything about hardware so this made no sense to me. Every time I looked at my C-drive it showed that it's less than half full. Now I'm starting to get the difference between storage space and random access space. So, what's the solution? http://www.tigerdirect.com/ This site has some decent, by decent I mean affordable, prices and product reviews. Most importantly I trust this site because the IT techs on my job order supplies for our office from them. You know if your job trust them they must be ok. My job has ordered everything from computers to keyboards to monitors to external drives from them so I know I've got a winner. I myself ordered an external drive from them and I have had no trouble what so ever with it, I also ordered a mouse for my laptop from them in the past.
So anyway, I just order a 1 gig memory card/slot/thingy from them which should definitely speed up my pc. I am not a gamer and I hadn't downloaded music in quite some time. I just like being able to watch a movie and maybe pay a bill at the same time, use my webcam and share photos at the same time...ordinary stuff.
So, it's supposed to take 3-5 business days so I expect to have it by the end of the week, next Monday at the latest. It's supposed to be extremely easy to install and get me running so we'll see.

July 10, 2010
PC update:
My 1 gig of memory arrived by mail on Thursday so we're talking a 3-day turn around. It came by regular postal service so I had to wait until Friday to pick it up for the post office. Installation seemed easy enough but my pc would not function properly. I called tigerdirect and the tech suggested take out the two orginal 128 mb's that were in the pc. Once I removed them and put the new 1G in it's place she is popping like popcorn baby! I can open three or four pages on the net at the same time. I have no trouble uploading my pics. I haven't tried a netflix movie yet but I don't anticipate any problems there either.
So two thumbs up to www.tigerdirect.com.

Keep stitchin'