Sunday, March 22, 2009

Broomstick Lace

I signed up for the broomstick lace class with Kim Guzman on crochetville. I expected much difficulty but it was so easy. I bought the size 50 knitting needles, they are humongous! No problem there either. But then it's not the same as knitting with them. I chose to make the scarf rather than a shawl. I didn't want to put pressure on myself and fail another project. Instead, I am looking forward to making another one for this winter. I plan to use a lighter weight yarn so that it's more for dress than for warmth.
I would love to work this up in a light weight varigated yarn for spring/summer. Maybe Paton's Grace would be really good. I just figure out the best size needle to use.

Broomstick and Hairpin lace are two forms of crochet I've always wanted to learn. Well, I have one down, one to go!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ocean Breezes blowing

So I think I'm finish Ocean Breeze. Not sure if I like the sleeves though. I am having a problem with the shoulder dropping too far over with most of the tops I make. Gotta find an answer for that. With the Chan tops its not a problem because it's all the same the pattern. The shoulder always look fluid with the rest of the garment.
I love the way the sleeves bellow in the wind but I may have to make them a bit longer. The neckline is perfect for me. I was worried I would have to alter the V-neck because it was too low but it is just right. I added a row of shell stitching around the neckline to punch it up a bit, very sexy! I did have a little trouble with joining the rounds so I have the slightest pucker on the side. I trying not to stress over it though or I'll end up frogging and doing the whole bottom section over.
On the other hand, I did a great job a weaving in my end. It's my best job ever, if I say so myself.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ocean Breeze

It seems me and Doris were just not getting along this time. The top I wanted to make was not cooperating. It's probably me so I still luv ya Doris but I choose to go another route. I think I am still stressed over not being able to make sense of the Moderne Jacket and needed to complete something to redeem myself. Well I found it!! What I needed was something that I could definitely complete and would not require a lot of thought. So I fell back on my old standby. Sweet from Crochet Me. The bottom portion of my 'Ocean Breeze' is from Doris' book Everyday Crochet. I love the way this top is coming out. I wanted to start making some tops for spring/summer and I think I found the right look. I'm not done yet, of course I have to make it longer to cover all my yummies...LOL. I also plan to add a bit more sleeve using the same pattern that's at the bottom of the top. I want to give a bit of flow to the sleeves for the 'ocean waves effect'.
Anyone planning to use this yarn, Lion Brand Microspun, beware of the stretch. I found this yarn to be rather stretchy and very soft to the touch. I used a J hook at the top/shoulder portion and then switched to an I hook for two rows and then transitioned to an H hook for the bust for, for less exposure. The transitions gave a really nice effect by simply changing the hook size, wasn't sure I would like it at first but now I think it adds lots of character. I transitioned to a K hook for the bottom shells in an effort to avoid adding more stitches though I may eventually need to in order to work around my tummy and hips. I think this may be my best Sweet yet. I think I may finally be getting the fit I want which means I'll feel comfortable making one for someone else!
Humble words to any of my followers or visitors: In my opinion, If you want to try your first top/sweater, this is a pattern I would put at the top of the list. You will eventually come up with different ways to change it up so that you always have a different style of sweater/top!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

New project

I needed something to make me feel better after the CAL fumble so last night I registered with Kim Guzman to learn broomstick crochet on Crochetville. I ordered my size 50 needles and even a hairpin lace loom, something else I want to learn, from Jo-Ann's. I paid the extra to make sure it would get here in time to start the class.
I also started another top by Doris Chan, Runaround. I have run into a problem with it but I know it will work itself out. I'm using microspun in blue. I just finished the third row and now I'm just a bit puzzled. I posted a question on ravelry so I know I will get some answers soon.
I want to make sure I am following the master's instructions. I was told to join my 11 fsc's to the beginning chain with a sl st and fasten off. See where the question is? I am told to sk next corner of front and join at the ch-sp corner of next inc-sh at back and work across (see photo).
That's it. I know I must be sleep walking and this is so simply but after so much frogging earlier this week on the another project, I can feel warts on my forehead...LOL.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My CAL is a bust

Unfortunately I was not able to complete the CAL. There is definitely something off in the instructions it was starting to make me feel like such an idiot. I can't even say how disappointed I am right now. But, on the up side, I bought some Microspun over the weekend and started a new top. I love Microspun!! It has a nice sheen and so soft. The drape is going to be delicious. I'm not real happy with the pattern I chose, another Sweet, so I'm going to frog it and make another Doris Chan instead.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

CAL is underway!

Well, I got my yarn yesterday. I was supposed to be just doing my swatch to get a feel for the yarn but once I tried it I just couldn't stop. I love my yarn choice and and look forward to wearing this next fall. If I am able to get past the one stumbling block I have so far. I am having trouble getting the left front to come out right. The pattern says that I start with 35 sts, do 1 dec leaving 34 sts. This is where it gets dicey. I have to next work 7 rows even but I am not getting 34 sts, I only get 33. This is making me nuts. After the 7 rows I have to do another dec leaving 33 sts. Something is not right here.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm joining a CAL!!!

I am so excited. I DOING A CROCHET ALONG!!
I have read other blogs and boards where people have talked about doing CAL's and wanted to do one myself. Finally, after searching around I found one on the Lion Brand website.
I really like this jacket, it has a great texture rather than just plain sc or dc. I'm not crazy about doing a jacket in pieces, I grown accustomed to doing seamless top down. I don't think I'll be using the cashmere blend yarn that Lion Brand suggest for this pattern either. I looked at the section on yarn substitutions and found that Vanna's Choice and Pound of Love fit my budget much better. Another sub is Glitterspun...oh that may be fun!
So, I'll be off the Joann's this weekend to get ready. It start next Thursday 3/12 so if you want join in, get ready.

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Baby It's Cold Outside!

I know it's been a minute but it's so cold here. Our gas and electric company, BGE, is off the hook. Some people's bill is two to three times higher even though they have not made any significant changes in their life styles. Honestly, I keep my thermostat set at 62-65 degrees and shiver wrap in shawls and sweaters. Thank goodness for handcrafts!! I can so easily whip up a hat, a neck warmer or a pair of bed socks to keep me warm. It's been too cold to sit at the computer or do anything but stay wrapped up and wait for the heater fan to kick in. As soon as I start to thaw and cuts off and amazingly in about a minute I'm shivering again. So since it's a bit warmer today... yeah, and even warmer this weekend, I can get caught up.
I bought Doris Chan's book 'Everyday Crochet and made her sweater called Soft Serve. It was a bit sketchy in the beginning because the directions seemed off, to me. What I've learned is that I have to simply trust and follow the directions. Mine came out really nice. I used Caron Simply Soft. The book says its a good bed jacket but once I saw it I knew I wanted it for day/evening wear. It's perfect for covering my arms when I wear a sleeveless dress. The yarn drapes very well and the garment looks very feminine.
I also created a couple of heart-shaped bookmarks for Valentine's Day. They were given to two lovely sisters to use in their bibles. I used J&P Coats Royale Crochet Thread #10. I have not worked with this thread in quite some time worried that it would bother my arthritic hands, espesically during the cold weather. I guess because it was such a quick project I had no problems. One of them has hearts on each end while the other has beads added to glitz it up a bit.
Lets see what else do I have. Oh, I made a hat to match my coat. I found a pattern on the Lion Brand website that called for one skein of yarn. Since I already had some green yarn in my stash I figured it is perfect. Instead of using Lion Brand Homespun like the pattern called for I used Red Heart Light & Lofty which is another super bulky yarn that works up really fast. The hat is kinda goofy looking but very warm and roomy since I just braided my hair.

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