Monday, August 19, 2013

Persimmon nearly done

Just a bit more to go and it's done.  The only thing I really have left is the buttons and any embellishments I decide to add.  I like the fit and love the color. Simply Soft always has a wonderfully soft feel and is perfect for Fall temperatures.

Keep stitchin'

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Getting back into blogging seems to be a bit difficult for me but I'm trying.
My latest project is a top-down cardi in garter stitch.  I using the seamless method that Britt Schmiesing teaches with her cardi Seelie.   The instructions are very easy to follow and several have been made by ravelry members.  I found Britt when I went on a hunt for a top-down cardi that creates the button band along with the sweater rather than picking up stitches afterwards.  So was born Persimmon which is the name of the colorway of the yarn,  it's Caron Simply Soft.
The knit work was going pretty fast until I got to the sleeves.  I've ripped them several times trying to get the perfect fit.  The real problem came in when I decided that I should be knitting them in the round rather than back and forth like the body.  Mind you, this is after I got about an inch past the elbow!  The first sleeve was almost done. Once I started knitting in the round I noticed the stitches didn't look the same, I hated the look.  I finally realized its because the sleeve must be knit back and forth in order to blend with rest of the sweater.other than that the body is finished.  I remembered to mark the button band side so that I won't end up with buttons and holes that don't line up evenly.
This  is going to be a nice Fall sweater.

Keep stitchin'