Wednesday, April 2, 2014


So I decided to try my hand at knitting lace weight yarn after buying a couple of skeins on sale at WEBS. The color is magnificent and it's oh so soft and delicate.  It took just shy of an hour to wind it into a ball before I could start working with it. I did find that it tended to stick together.  I looked it up on ravelry and saw that others have made the same statement.
So after spending Monday night looking through my books and mags I found a couple of patterns I wanted to give a try.  Using my scrape yarn I found them very easy to follow so I checked them off as candidates for my project. 
Tuesday and it's time to get started working with the lace!
I had a 'What in the world was I thinking' moment with this lace yarn.  I started out with dpn's since I'm working on a small, flat piece. Picking up the stitches was so hard I thought I would scream! Trying to k2tog or k3tog was next to impossibly!I changed to a different pattern to see if it would make a didn't.  That's rip #2 by the way.  So then I decided to try the circulars, ahhhhhhhh, that smooth pointy tip on my KnitPick Options made all the difference.  The sun came out and the birds begin to sing as I wiped away my tears  and stood up from my mini tantrum in the middle of the living room floor. Those tips slide right through  the stitches like butter on warm bread.
Now I'm on row 13 of a 16 row pattern called Overlapping Leaves in the Vogue lace stitchionary (#111).  It's a very easy pattern, multiple 15 plus 2.  I have 62 stitches so it's going to be a nice size, a bit bigger than I intended.  I'm not concerned with gauge so it's all good.I'm so glad I didn't give up!  I'm gonna have to come up with a name that definitely spells victory!
At lunch I finished up the last four rows, with on lifelines!!!! Mines looks very much like the page in the background.
This is slooooooow knitting that requires concentration, though not deep, and good lighting.

Keep stitchin'