Sunday, February 2, 2014

Redwood Symphony

After donning such a good job with my previous sweater I decided to try a top-down turtleneck sweater.  I'm using one of my favorite quick yarns, Red Heart Symphony, doubled for extra warmth.  Symphony is a deceptively heavy yarn.  I constantly have to let people touch it so they can see for themselves that the yarn is not heavy.  It's very fuzzy/brushed so I don't bother trying to had a pattern, just stockinette so I can get it finished, since it would probably get lost.
I'm hoping that I have enough yarn to make a dress to wear with tights, or at least a tunic to wear over pants.
True story...
I wanted to make my dress form look pretty, like some of the ones I've seen online and in magazines. Since I don't have any stretchy fabric to cover it I used a top that I planned to throw out.  I pinned the arms down close to the body to make it look really nice.  I've been taking pictures in the kitchens because the light is so much better there right now so I left my dress form ( Ms. Sophia) in the kitchen.  The first couple of times I walked in and saw a 'person' standing in my kitchen I nearly peed my pants!

This is Ms. Sophia, eventually I need to steam her dress so she looks a little more presentable but for right now she looks a whole lot better covered than having all her innards showing.

Keep stitchin'