Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't trust the State Board of Elections

Well, never thought I'd have much to say about this. I sent in my address change to get ready to vote y'all!!! Would you believe the Maryland State Board of Elections is giving people the wrong polling information... I kid you not!!

This is the information from the Internet, as well as from the card I was sent. I tried to look the school up on mapquest so that I would know actually where to go on Election Day. I continued to get the message that basically said this place did not exist. I called the State Board who insisted that's what they have in their systems so if must be right. While the man was on the phone, I tried to google the school and guess what, it came up with a different zip code and I was able to mapquest it.
Check your information now, don't rely on your state to have the information correct!!

Keep stitchin'

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've been busy

I've worked on several new projects. I like to call this sweater Green apples!. It's made with Jo Ann's Sensations Rainbow Classic yarn. With a few more rows it would be a dress.

And then below, there's Smokey, a nice soft yarn from Red Heart called Smyphony, the color is actually Charcoal. It's oh so soft and delicate.

Keep stitchin'