Saturday, March 14, 2009

New project

I needed something to make me feel better after the CAL fumble so last night I registered with Kim Guzman to learn broomstick crochet on Crochetville. I ordered my size 50 needles and even a hairpin lace loom, something else I want to learn, from Jo-Ann's. I paid the extra to make sure it would get here in time to start the class.
I also started another top by Doris Chan, Runaround. I have run into a problem with it but I know it will work itself out. I'm using microspun in blue. I just finished the third row and now I'm just a bit puzzled. I posted a question on ravelry so I know I will get some answers soon.
I want to make sure I am following the master's instructions. I was told to join my 11 fsc's to the beginning chain with a sl st and fasten off. See where the question is? I am told to sk next corner of front and join at the ch-sp corner of next inc-sh at back and work across (see photo).
That's it. I know I must be sleep walking and this is so simply but after so much frogging earlier this week on the another project, I can feel warts on my forehead...LOL.

Keep stitchin'
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