Friday, March 20, 2009

Ocean Breezes blowing

So I think I'm finish Ocean Breeze. Not sure if I like the sleeves though. I am having a problem with the shoulder dropping too far over with most of the tops I make. Gotta find an answer for that. With the Chan tops its not a problem because it's all the same the pattern. The shoulder always look fluid with the rest of the garment.
I love the way the sleeves bellow in the wind but I may have to make them a bit longer. The neckline is perfect for me. I was worried I would have to alter the V-neck because it was too low but it is just right. I added a row of shell stitching around the neckline to punch it up a bit, very sexy! I did have a little trouble with joining the rounds so I have the slightest pucker on the side. I trying not to stress over it though or I'll end up frogging and doing the whole bottom section over.
On the other hand, I did a great job a weaving in my end. It's my best job ever, if I say so myself.

Keep stitchin'
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