Monday, March 16, 2009

Ocean Breeze

It seems me and Doris were just not getting along this time. The top I wanted to make was not cooperating. It's probably me so I still luv ya Doris but I choose to go another route. I think I am still stressed over not being able to make sense of the Moderne Jacket and needed to complete something to redeem myself. Well I found it!! What I needed was something that I could definitely complete and would not require a lot of thought. So I fell back on my old standby. Sweet from Crochet Me. The bottom portion of my 'Ocean Breeze' is from Doris' book Everyday Crochet. I love the way this top is coming out. I wanted to start making some tops for spring/summer and I think I found the right look. I'm not done yet, of course I have to make it longer to cover all my yummies...LOL. I also plan to add a bit more sleeve using the same pattern that's at the bottom of the top. I want to give a bit of flow to the sleeves for the 'ocean waves effect'.
Anyone planning to use this yarn, Lion Brand Microspun, beware of the stretch. I found this yarn to be rather stretchy and very soft to the touch. I used a J hook at the top/shoulder portion and then switched to an I hook for two rows and then transitioned to an H hook for the bust for, for less exposure. The transitions gave a really nice effect by simply changing the hook size, wasn't sure I would like it at first but now I think it adds lots of character. I transitioned to a K hook for the bottom shells in an effort to avoid adding more stitches though I may eventually need to in order to work around my tummy and hips. I think this may be my best Sweet yet. I think I may finally be getting the fit I want which means I'll feel comfortable making one for someone else!
Humble words to any of my followers or visitors: In my opinion, If you want to try your first top/sweater, this is a pattern I would put at the top of the list. You will eventually come up with different ways to change it up so that you always have a different style of sweater/top!

Keep stitchin'
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