Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take the shirt right off their back

Ok, not literally but he did give me his shirt. Yesterday was 'Bike to Work' here in Maryland.

No I did not ride a bike to work, plz. So since I'm working on building my tarn collection I'm always looking at people's shirts to see if they are cotton. Just something I do, just like I'm always looking to see if a sweater is knit or crochet and whether I could reproduce it not. Anywho, this man comes to my job to register for services and he has this green t-shirt hanging over his shoulder. I can some orange, some white and even some black that turned out to be blue in it. So I'm talking with a co-worker excitedly about the red tarn ball that I've already made and how I need cotton tees with lots of color in them and I point to the man's shirt and say, "Something like that shirt right there". He hands the shirt to me!!! I couldn't believe he was serious but he didn't ask for it back. That's when I saw it was one of the bike to work t-shirt from the rally that was held Friday morning.

So now I know how to get more cotton shirts, just walk right up to someone, look them straight in the eye; don't be afraid to hit them with the puppy face; and simply ask for the shirt off their back.

Once my tarn was complete it became evident that the colors aren't showing which is a little disappointing. I am reading up on dyeing with RIT so I can try my hand at dyeing fabric. There are some cool sites, including ehow with tons of info about dyeing fabric. Just watching the videos was exciting to me. So stay tuned for some adventures in tie dyeing!!
Keep stitchin'
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