Friday, December 24, 2010

24 gifts in 24 days!

Well I haven't posted in some time but I think I'm about to make up for it today. I decided to make a gift a day up to December 24th which is my birthday. This came about as the result of someone asking me if a snowman was a gift to me. I told her it's just decoration for the holidays but it got me to thinking it would be a hoot to make a gift a day for my birthday. I know some folks who celebrate their birthday for an entire week leading up to their birthday or maybe just that weekend of their birthday. I decided to take it a step further and do the whole month just as a challenge for myself.
I actually set rules for this challenge:
  • All gifts are to be handmade (knit/crochet, sew)
  • Absolutely no yarn purchases, only use yarn from my stash can be used
  • Only supplies like beads, buckles, fabric for linings. buttons and others accessories can be purchased
  • Multiple gifts can be completed simutaneously in order to ensure a posting for everyday (I feel short a couple of days)
  • In the event of a missed posting two must be posted the next day to make up for it
  • Even fugly gifts counts (we has received those on occassion)
  • For the actual date of birth there most be a spectacular gift for my special day.

These are the rules I set for myself because I've never done this before. This was merely a challenge to myself to see if I could produce. I was late posting a couple of times because I was out late for appointments or family obligations. Most of the work could only be done in the evenings because I can't knit/crochet and work at the same time, though I'd love to.

My list of gifts:

  1. Bejai’s Shivers the Snowman
  2. Bejai’s Diamond Dishcloth
  3. Facial scrubbie
  4. Facial Scrubbie 2
  5. Red and White Bookmarker
  6. Blissful Cowl
  7. Cup Cozy #1
  8. Deep Blue Sea cup cozy
  9. Bejai’s Smidge Headband
  10. Blissful Simple Slouchy Beret
  11. Simple Slouch Beret 2nd try
  12. Scrubbie ryg
  13. My Breast Cancer tassel Bookmark
  14. My Breast Cancer Heart Bookmark
  15. Bejai’s Kerstboom Christmas Tree
  16. Bejai’s Glass Flip Flop
  17. My Breast Cancer Peephole Cover Medallion
  18. Lace Ponytail Holder
  19. My Breast Cancer Car Medallion
  20. Bucket List Ponytail Holder
  21. Bejai’s Holiday Ornament Dove
  22. Bejai’s bobble beauty hat
  23. Bobble Cowl
  24. Happy Birthday Tunic
What I learned from this is that I'm more than content crocheting and knitting as a hobby but I don't think I'd like being forced to meet deadlines, especially if it means something new everyday.

Keep stitchin'
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