Monday, January 14, 2013

$5 in Paris...I wish

Wow! has it really been a nearly two years since my last post?  Really wasn't my fault :) I kinda got lost when google started adding circles and all that stuff that I still haven't figured out yet.  All I know that I couldn't sign into my own blog.  Now that things seem to be back on track I'll try posting some things.
I am still stitching, what else is there to do?
Right now I'm working on a rounded yoke, ribbed, raglan top called $5 in Paris. Some have changed the name based on how much they spent for the yarn.
I'm loosely following the directions so I've had to rip and repeat several times, just can't get the body to way I want. I have learned some things that will help me get the fit right from the start with the next one; there will be a next one. I do think I am on the right track finally, now that I am finishing up the second sleeve tonight.  My goal is to have this top finished, ends weaved in, soaked, dried and ready to wear next week. Of the wearing is based on the weather, don't know what's happening with the weather here but it ain't cold!

Well this went good so I guess I'll be loading some pics soon.

Keep stitchin'

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