Sunday, August 10, 2008

More sweater info

Thanks to everyone who has visited me and commented on my sweater. A few overlooked details have been brought to my attention.
  1. Hook size - I used 'K' just as the package required for gauge.
  2. Guage - I did not have a specific gauge, I just ripped alot until I got it right fit.
  3. Finished size - I customed this to fit me and all my lumps and bumps so it is somewhere between an 18/20 in the bust area and 20/22 in the hip area.

This is easily customizable to your size simply by adding and subtracting rows from the center portion of the bodice and, of course, then you would have to decrease or increase stitches picked up along the bottom portion of the bodice.

Keep stitchin'

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