Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New yarn disappointment

I ordered some new yarn Friday and waited for it to come. It did come in a timely manner, Yesterday (8/12/08) but I am so disappointed in my purchase. I tried to step out of the box just to work with somethingnew, this is the result.
I ordered a yarn called MODA DEA Curious and this is what the skein looks like and a small swatch looks like. I knew absolutely nothing about this yarn when I bought it but I see why it was clearance priced. Because it's clearance priced of course I can't return it so I have to make it work. Whoa!!! Hear that Tim Gunn, I'm gonna make it work.

But wait...there's more. I ordered another brand as well,
Lion brand INCREDIBLE. This is a beautiful yarn, excuse me TAPE, but what to do with it other than a scarf, coasters, placemats, hmmmm.
Both of these are what they call 'tape' in the bulky weight group. I looked them up on the Internet and pretty much the only items being made with either of these is scarves. I don't think I'll
be needing that many scarves!!
Anybody with a better idea let me know. I would definitely appreciate it.
Keep stitchin'
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