Friday, November 27, 2009

May I present Mookie!

Finally, after many do-overs it is done!

I can't wait to see Qwante in this sweater. It looks so tiny in this picture but it's actually quite large. It's so big and bulky I know it will only wear it a 'travel' sweater. I definitely see this as more of an over sweater than one that would be worn all day; I know I wouldn't. But maybe when he goes out for his birthday he can wear this over his shirt instead of a coat...hint, hint. I am just so happy to be finish. It was really tough doing this without a pattern which clearly accounts for the longer sleeves. I'm not too concerned about that considering a lot of the younger people like having their sleeves longer anyway. Did I say that, younger people. Boy am I getting old!

Keep stitchin'
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