Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mookie Lives!!!

So after all the headache with trying to follow the pattern for Bang which was no good at all, I found something that works. I have been out sick all week with the flu so, being a good patient, I spent the week reading/looking through some of my old knitting mags. Some of the old 90's Vogue Knitting mags really helped. The mags had sweater with drop shoulders and set-in sleeves. I decided that doing a simple drop shoulder would be the easiest for me with this thick yarn. So now, as long as I've got the gauge right my sweater will be a hit. I also decided to use the cable pattern I found in my Harmony Guide book. I think a simple turtle neck will do nicely, my son did not like the neck anyway.
By Friday I was feeling up to moving around a bit and picking up my needles. The back piece was done quickly and easily since my only shaping was done at the shoulders. What I overlooked with the front is that with cables you need to add more stitches to keep your width right. I was at the underarm when I had this brilliant revelation; back to the ripping board. So once again I have to start the front over. Oh, this is after I had finished the back and actually worked 10" of the front and realised I had forgotten the cables completely!!
Blame it on the flu, yeah that works, it's the flu bug.
So now I am starting the front over with more stitches than I used for the back. This is another problem I would finally have noticed with John's sweater too, the hits just keep coming with that one.
With my Mookie, I am doing careful, elementary math and hoping for the best. At least I know there are absolutely no errors in the cable pattern I am now using and this is going to be one great sweater! I'm proud of myself already.

Keep stitchin'
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