Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bang is going bust!

What's the deal with the John Brinegar sweater? There is an error in the pattern that results in losing a stitch. Now math is definitely not my thing but I can count to 30...thank you Sesame Street!!! LOL The pattern only writes out the instructions for the odd rows and tells me to 'knit the knits and purl the purls on the even rows. Well when it comes to algebra, you know how some people can get the answer right using only three steps? Well when I do algebra I have to do every single little step or I may forget something important and get the wrong answer. So I had to sit and right out every step of the even rows and was doing good...until row 17. Row 17 is where the stitch is lost. I am not experienced enough with cables to figure this one out but I am smart enough to see that the pattern goes from 30 stitches to 29 from rows 17-25. So Bang went this sweater and I will be attempting to use another cable pattern. So back to the drawing boards my son needs a sweater by Christmas!

Keep stitchin'
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