Tuesday, October 20, 2009

He knits!! Is he gay?

Sound stupid to you? Me too. I recently spoke with someone and told them that I wanted to join a co-ed knitting/crochet meetup...so tired of my four walls. Anywho, I was asked, 'do men really get into that?' I almost fell over. "Are you kidding me?" I started giving names, Drew, The Crochet Dude; Ken, The Crochet Guy; John Brinegar. Ok, I could only name three, but still. Why would someone just assume that men who share the love of the craft are gay? How ridiculous is that!!! What difference does it make? You probably can't afford what they make anyway!! Small minded people, why can't I just stick a needle in their eye!!
Just venting.

Keep stitchin'
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