Saturday, January 1, 2011

I made my duct tape dressform

I finally got around to making my dress form. It's not the prettiest thing, in fact, it's very amateurish due in part to a 20 year old and a 12 year old helper who really were not happy about having to touch my body. So anyway it's finally done and resting I think securely on a recycled lamp pole. Now when I make my sweaters and scarves I won't have to beg someone to model them for me. I must admit, looking at the dress form makes it clear that I need to lose weight. It also makes it obvious to me that I clearly see myself as much bigger than I actually am.

January 5, 2011 UPDATE!!!
I dressform started having a wardrobe malfunction so I had to do some repairs quickly. I wasn't able to put a hanger in the shoulders, no way to hold it up. The body started to separate from the neck so I did some figure 8's around the neck and underarm area this seemed to do the trick.
I also neglected to give credit to my online help in creating the dress form. I've had a couple people ask me how I came up with the idea and wouldn't want to give the impression that I had anything to do with that. Of course there's tons of instructions all over the internet with detail like ehow, about and all those guys but I tend to be more visual. So I found a couple of girls on youtube called vintagegarbage. They goof around a bit but they give good details.

Keep stitchin'
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