Saturday, March 5, 2011

NatCroMo 2011

National Crochet Month 2011 = NatCroMo 2011
It's a group I joined on raverly. I joined this group to learn about freeform from some of the masters like the wonderful Prudence Mapstone, Sylvia Cosh & James Walters who introduced scrumbling. There are tons of amazing creations like the work of Antonina, Margaret Hubert, Myra Wood and so many I can't even name. Raverly is the place to be to see the collective works of these guys and the amateurs like me trying to learn a little sumn, sumn from them.

The list above is just few friends I've made on raverly that are in the NatCroMo 2011 group. It's a blast watching my piece transform day after day. It goes from looking like a hot mess to looking like possible art from one day to the next. So at the end of week one I have something that kinda looks like a putt putt car.

I'm not sure which direction the car is going yet but considering that could change tomorrow it really doesn't matter yet. Later I'll be adding all kinds of new stuff like bullions, spirals, beads, knots, twist and kinds of fun stuff I know nothing about!
It's unbelieveable that like crazy looking piece I'm working on will teach me skills that the designers had to learn in order to make the beautiful dresses, purses, curtain and such that I drool over.
So y'all come back ya here! So you can see how my piece transforms through the month.

Keep stitchin'
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