Saturday, April 2, 2011

NatCroMo 2011 has come to an end

Well, I was supposed to update every now and then but this project kept me busy and I didn't so it so, now that it's complete I can post my results.

The name I choose for this piece is 'Silence Amidst the Chaos' because of the beauty of the rose, and other flowers. There's also the beauty of sounds produced by a piece played softly on the piano. These things thrown in with squids, chains, wheels, volancos, smoke stacks and so much more. Being able to find peace in all that is wonderful so there it is. This piece will go up on my wall and provide stress relief for me as I stare into it and find all kinds of treasure like when you make things out of clouds. I can't wait to start another one and maybe make something that can be worn or simply a tote bag. This piece was about learning the art of freeform and letting go. What is the most important thing I learnt about ff? With ff you simply let go, don't stress. There's still so much to learn about freeform, irish crochet and russian crochet. My summer will be filled with learning these new things.

Keep stitchin'
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