Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heart on my sleeves shawl/wrap

After finishing the NatCroMo 2011 challenge I wanted to continue with the freeform. There's a neverending borage of ideas flying through my head. I literally see everything in fiber art these days. I started making making little bullion spirals, tri-color spirals, paisleys and all sorts of things just for practice for that 'Big Project' living in my head. At first I thought I was making another wall hanging, something a little more balanced and thoughtout than the last one, when I was struck by this one little bullion. Just a simple red bullion, because I had some leftover red. I decided to add some orange top stitching, just practicing what I've read in Prudence's book. Well, since I wasn't feeling the orange top stitching I decieded to try some reverse single crab crochet (crab stitch) right over the orange top stitching and WOW!!! I loved what I had in my hand! No longer was it just a scrumble, it became an abstract heart.

Once I saw this lovely heart I knew what I wanted more hearts and this would become the theme for my piece. I needed to figure out how to put them together so I started adding the creamy open lace. That's when it hit be that should make a wrap instead of a wall hanging! I wanted my hearts to be different, especially since I was having trouble replicating this particular bullion heart. I started making paisleys and didn't care for it because one showed the wrong side of the work so I had to figure out how to reverse the pattern, I'm quite proud of myself.

I also got a leaf pattern from DeLeewit's Corner on raverly that I made hearts out of.

So now I have a nice freeform wrap with hearts all over my sleeves plus a few other spirals and goodies thrown in here and there. I love the crab stitch running through the wrap holding the individual pieces together adding that extra touch to the wrap.

Keep stitchin'
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