Saturday, July 26, 2014

I made shoes!!!

I found this amazing pattern by Ingunn Santini and had to give it a try.  Shoes really, that I can wear outside?  
Though these were intended for a party I don't find them suitable, I what something a little more formal to go with my dress.
It took two attempts to get the heel close to perfect, I can make myself crazy trying to get something just right. It rarely works, I just decide it'll do. And here they are!

I'm still amazed that I was able to make shoes that I can wear outside.  I love that they have that old, tattered look even thought they are brand new. This pair is far from perfect.  One shoe is wider than the other and the soles are about 1/2" too short.
I took them to work to show off and everyone was in awe, the comments were so funny.   I actually put them on and walked around the office during my lunch break.  They are so soft and squishy on the bottom.
I'm very happy I did not give up and I can't wait to make another pair.  This pair will be for wearing around the house, seating on the balcony, maybe with a pair of jeans for a quick trip to the market.  Those extra soles will be used to try tufting, I'd like to make a pair of make ugg-style slippers to keep my feet warm in this drafty apartment this winter.

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