Thursday, July 31, 2014

White Party Dress 2014

I wanted a dress for the white party this year without the hassle of trying to find something that I really liked. So this year, I got an early start and made my dress. I actually made a blue one (DRUNKEN DIAMONDS) as well so I had some practice beforehand.  Because I don't swatch hardly ever, the dress came out a tad bit longer than I intended but I love it anyway. The flirty bottom made the dress swish and sway as I danced on the floor while gently hugging my curves in the right places. (I know, sounds like a commercial right. lol).

I think I look better in the dress than Ms. Sophia (dressform), but tell her I said so.

Both dresses were made with the same yarn, Universal Yarns Bamboo Pop, which is a great yarn to work with.  I used the Susie Myers contiguous method for the shoulder and got the different stitches from my stitchionaries and various websites.
As soon as I finish up a couple of promised pieces I'll be starting another.  I need to think about some stitch patterns and style for fall/winter dresses.  If I keep this up, I may never wear pants again! There will definitely be a WPD 2015 hopefully more elegant this time.

Keep stitchin'
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