Thursday, August 14, 2014

McKenzie is going to school!

My little niece, who was born just last year is going to school.  Well, she was really born last but it sure seems like it. So I was excited to hear that she's starting school and decided to make her dress.  Nothing to fancy but I think she'll like it when I'm done.
I dug out one of my Interweave Crochet mags, after failing at attempting to make my own creation, and found a cute little jumper in it.  I was happy to find that it was right along the lines of what I was trying to create on my own.  I skipped the big flower on the front, gonna add pockets instead.  I have to get the findings to make the closures as well, maybe some novelty buttons or huge snaps.
All in all, a pretty simple pattern to follow or use as a guideline and do your own thing.

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