Monday, January 18, 2010

I found the other one

With a little more digging I found the other magazine. This one, by Anne Orr, is full of Knitting, Crochet, Tunisian Crochet and Cross stitch and Embroidery. This book, even though it's older than the previous find by 8 years has a few color pictures inside, that I forgot to take pictures of. Yes, I said it, this book's copyright is 1937!!!. Because the copyright is written so small and of a lighter type than the J.P. Coats book I was not able to get a clear shot of the date. Nonetheless, this book is 73 years old! Talk about your antique.

As you can see on the cover this booklet is all about afghans and there are some really nice ones in here. Want an idea of just how old this booklet is? There is a pattern for a 'Sleigh/Auto Robe'. This lovely piece is done in afghan stitched blocks and then cross-stitching is used to embellish it with horses and Old English lettering of your choice, a pattern also included in the book. It's afghan so you know it's nice and warm for those sleigh rides to town...LOL.

There's a cute little knitted baby afghan with Irish Roses crocheted on it and a ribbon trim. How sweet is this? Awwww

Ok, I saved the one I really like for last! It's this cool knitted afghan with a crochet border to finish. What's so cool about this one is the long stitches every sixth row. I had to give it try and though a bit challenging I was able to work it.

Mine's is far from perfect but its something I could see myself using in the future.
I was a bit curious about dear Anne Orr so I googled her and found some information. I didn't find anything scandalous instead I found someone I would be proud to have known.

Keep stitchin'

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