Sunday, January 17, 2010

Organizing Treasures

I went back to my locker for another bin with the same idea in mind 'get rid of anything that's not necessary'. Of course I found more yarn but this time, I found a treasure! My Godmother, years ago, gave me a couple of craft magazines that belonged to her mother since none of her own children could/would knit or crochet. Finds like this prove that hoarding isn't always a bad thing. CLARK'S J&P COATS, a booklet full of all kinds knit and crochet gifts. Notice the price 10 cents!!!! and the copyright is the year 1945!

Some of the patterns in here are really nice like the shoulder bag and the handbag.
Seriously how cool are this bags, I would definitely sport them. The items are made from Chadwick's Red Heart baby wool, Chadwick's Red Heart Worsted, J&P Coats or Clark's O.N.T. Pearl Cotton and J&P Coats Tatting Cotton. I tried to figure out what the O.N.T. stands for but I couldn't find anything in the booklet so if anyone knows please leave a comment. The booklet also includes things like a pair of slippers, a loopy dog, an apron and hanger sachets.

This booklet is 65 years old, that's older than my mother! So with finds like this that I know I will continue to treasure my organizing continues and so does my careful examination of everything before I decide to get rid of it. Will I make anything from this book? Hmm, I definitely have my eye in the handbag for someone. What I do need to do is make copies and put the original away to preserve it. The front and back covers have come off, it's a bit tattered around the edges and the pages are turning a bit put everything is still very readable and all the pages including the front and back cover are still there. Hey, this mean I have a true antique!

Keep stitchin'
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