Thursday, December 26, 2013

Homemade Icord needles!

I love gifting me cause nobody else will.  I saw a video on YouTube that shows how to create your own dpn's and straights.  I thought this would be a great way to make some new cable needles since I do NOT like the ones I bought from Knitpicks. I love how pretty they are but working with them sucks.
So after watching this very detailed video I decided to give it a try.
The purpose for these needles is really because I like making Icord drawstrings for skirts, bags and maybe a hoodie one day.  Those 7" dpn's are a nuisance to me, way too long for 3-5 sts.  Now that is no longer a bother for me. 

The first pic shows my finished needles in sizes 3 and 8.  The store didn't have any other sizes to choose from.  For now these sizes will do fine.

The second pic shows the actual size of the needles they fit nicely and will make sliding from one end to the next quick and easy.

The third pic shows the comparison of mine to the purchased needles.  I think I did a great job!  They're smooth with no ridges to catch the yarn.  The only thing I wish I had is a dh, boyfriend or dad who is into woodwork so I could steal a little stain and sealant to coat them and add some color.  You know I'll be surfing around to see if someone has an easy solution for that too.

Finally the last pic show that I am, in fact, able to knit perfect Icords with these guys.  
It's a little rough because I'm not used to working with wood and the size.  The adjustment got easier, on both sizes as I continued to work with the needles.  I don't have any wax paper so mine are not as smooth as they will be after that coating that comes from waxing.  However, I think this is a wonderful idea and I'd like to make some straights just so I can bling them out with some shiny stones or something.  But they'll be for decoration, not to used at all.

Keep stitchin'
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