Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Retro Inspired complete

Just in time for the holidays I have another top done and I love it!  I got a great fit with this one giving me a real understanding of what 'negative ease' really is all about.  It's a word I've heard so many times in the sewing, as well as, the knit/crochet world.  This top is not zero negative, which I don't do much of anyway, it's probably half inch to an inch...breathing room.
I wasn't crazy about the moss stitch because it seems to puff out a bit, it's kind of grown on me now.  I especially like the way it lays on the collar.  I would reconsider using it as a bottom hem because of this tendency to puff or roll, unless I did something wrong.  I think it's great for sleeves if I plan to turn the cuff up, there's a nice crease there. 
I did excellent in the waist shaping and hip proportions, the entire sweater for that matter including the length. This sweater provides ample butt coverage though it would not be considered a dress option.
Even though I stated I did not care for having to start this top with individual pieces that had to be put together, I enjoyed learning a new technique and will most likely use it again.
The only mistake I made is in decreasing at the bust to start waist shaping.  The top was not going to have the fit I wanted so I started decreasing and they were not spaced out enough or maybe I should have started sooner.  I think it's because I was busy trying not to mess up that beautiful stranded work.  Anyway, I have a slight pucker under each underarm.  Hidden away from the world so it's not even a big deal I just want to learn from it so it won't happen again.

Keep stitchin

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