Monday, January 6, 2014

First project for 2014

I like to keep my needles warm so I move on the next project right away.  This one I call 'When the weather breaks'.
It's another contiguous sweater based on the Susie Myers method.  Why wouldn't anyone love a pattern/recipe/formula/method that allows you to customize a garment anyway you see fit, for any body type. So, in keeping my list of new things to try in 2014, I've decided to try adding a zipper along with trying more color work.
I started on New Year's Eve while waiting for the ball to drop and I've already gotten nearly to the waistline. I'm even thinking of adding a small monogram so wear on the sweater!  It's actual going to be more a pullover jacket then a sweater.  I want to wear it when I go out for walks/runs when the weather breaks this Spring.

Above is a picture of the stranded pattern I choose to add some color to my top.  Below is my nearly finished body.

First of all, I have Lupus which causes all sorts of aches and pains already but when it gets cold outside I need to put the needles down.  I recenty read that working with bamboo can make a difference so I need to give it a try.  I have a set of Takumi Bamboo #13 dpn's that I bought last year.  I gonna dig out some yarn or  maybe just double up some strands so I can give them a go.

So for tonight, I'm flipping through books and trying to draw out some the ideas I have swimming in my head.

Keep stitchin'
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