Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm ready for the weather to break!

When the weather breaks I'll be ready with my new sweater!
After some tears and a bit of shouting, but no cussing because I'm a lady, I'm ready to call this done.
The only thing left to do is work the zipper properly.  I hand basted it in just to get a look at the sweater and fell in love with the color pop.  I think it gives that extra oomph that the sweater needs to make it mine.
I actually had to cut the collar off, pick up the stitches and rework it.  This presented as an initial challenge considering the sweater was knitted top-down!  However, with a consult from Margaret Radcliffe I was able to get it done.
I am very pleased with the efforts I put into this sweater and the lessons learned:
  1. Remember to do another gauge swatch if you change your mind about the pattern stitch, at the starting point.
  2. The collar can be removed from a top-down garment without destroying the whole thing.
  3. For a nicer finish, use reverse single crochet on the edges when applying a zipper.
  4. Be bold, step away from traditional matching colors.  Instead add pop with a surprising color change.
  5. Icord edging, great way to finish off a sweater.
  6. Remember to carry cc color yarn along the back of work.

So the sweater was, as mentioned, finished off with corrugated ribbing and then icord on the bottom and sleeves.  The collar was finished with 2x2 rib and an icord edge.  The hand basted zipper will be sewn in properly and an interesting pull will be attached.  The pull will most likely be handmade.

Keep stitchin'
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