Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mr. My Heart Belongs to You,

Dear Mr. My Heart Belongs to You,

As I pray for patience, my insides dance like that of a school girl with the anticipation of our first meeting. Can you feel it? Do you dream of me at night as I do you? Can you hear my voice whispering through the wind, calling out to you? Shhhhhhhh, close your eyes and listen…You, you, you. It is I whispering your name. I know it (your name) but I don’t know it yet. Soon Mr., soon my mouth will sing your name. Soon Mr., soon my arms will hold you in the sweetest embrace. Until then, toast to the New Year, our year and know that as my candle glows warm and soft, so does my desire for you. When you take that first sip of wine for 2010 cherish it because it’s my lips sweetly touching yours. Devour me and dream my love for our day approaches.
In the meantime, this is a craft web site, I’ll continue to craft by day and dream of you by night. LOL


Keep stitchin'
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