Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Erica's Love

I finally gave Mama her sweater. I have carried this sweater around in the trunk of car since October. I wanted to wait until Mama was ready to listen to the story. Most of my projects come with story but since this one is so special the timing had to be right.

Thanksgiving 2008 most of us were together at my sister Annette's house. Everybody was happy and having a really good time.

I brought out Hard Candy, a car coat I had recently made to inspire my niece to continue knitting and crocheting. Of course everybody loved the coat. But then Erica, who was wearing a really nice sweater herself asked, 'Why am I buying sweater?'.

I'll never forgot that commit because I wanted to actually make one for her. With her untimely passing in August I decided to make the sweater anyway and give it to my mother. I was so nervous and worried about upsetting her when I told her the story of the sweater and the name. Mama was so happy and loves the sweater. She put it right on and didn't take it off. She looks so happy wearing it like she can feel Erica's arms around her.

Keep stitchin'
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