Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mr. My Heart Belongs to You

Dear Mr. My Heart Belongs to You,

As the New Year approaches I think of you more and more and I can’t wait to meet you. What’s taking you so long? When will I be able to put my hand in yours? My arms can’t wait to hold you tight. My lips ache to touch yours. I want to feel your breath on my cheek, in my ear. When will I be able to rest my head on your chest and hear you heartbeat.
Come to me when you know what you want. Do you want riches? Not for me. Do you want fame? Not for me. Do you want simple and uncomplicated? Come to me. Can you handle a little weird and wacky? Come to me. It’s so exciting to think of the adventures we have waiting in our future!
Will 2010 be the year we meet? I hope so; we’re no spring chickens you know. However, I do believe that God will bless us with enough time to love each other with a love we’ve never known before.
Until we meet, I am here, still waiting for you...maybe I'll knit you some socks!!

Keep stitchin'
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