Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sides does matter

After taking a huge break from my craft and finally finding my way back, I am learning/discovering more and more about the craft. I have wondered if sides really, really matter, particularly in crochet. I would crochet something and just be glad to be done and have a garment that fits. Now that I am taking the craft more serious, I want that reflected in my hard work.
The Mary-Jane slippers that I just made definitely show that sides do matter.
Exhibit A, my completed Mary Jane slippers…yeah!!

If you look at the contrasting color in the left and right slippers (top is left, bottom right) you can clearly see that sides do matter. I'm showing a close-up shot of where I had to sc2tog. The top (left) has a much smoother look because the new color was added with the garment facing in the right direction. I am not real clear on exactly where I went wrong but being able to see the problem will make me more aware as I make future garments. The problem, most likely is not practicing what I preach (see previous post).
Even with this issue, I have finished the Mary-Janes. I know I will be making more in the near future. Only thing left is finding cute little buttons to put on them. It's definitely easy to make 3-4 pair in a day, depending on your schedule.

Keep stitchin'
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