Saturday, February 6, 2010

We got a little snow

Just a little bit of a snowfall, don't you agree. The snow is so high in my window sills I could hardly see out. This is a shot from my kitchen window. I think it was actually a bit higher but the wind probably blew it down.

I took a shot from the front door as well. Look how preeeeetty!! There is actually a step down to the sidewalk which you can't even see. The walk to my car will be about knee deep. That's my baby right in front of the door shivering. The door on the passenger side is just about up to the door handles. On the driver's side it's higher due to wind drifts; digging out is going to be a bear.

My balcony, on the other hand, reminds me of a beach scene for some reason. I pulled the blinds all the way and sat watching, wishing I was in my hotel room looking over the balcony.

Across the way the neighbors have begun to dig out. Looks like the plows have gotten to the street behind me but not the street in front of my house. I live on a circle so I'm trying not to shoot arrows. I have to remember today is only Saturday, they'll get to us tomorrow. There was one single guy out digging out his car as you can see but I missed him. Notice what's happening though. The snow is being piled into the middle of the parking lot. There are cars on the other right side as well. I already know what's going to happen, the snow plow is going to come through and push a lot of this snow off the sides and block this car right back in unless it's leaving right away.

I choose to stay in and stay warm today since I feel like I'm coming down with a cold. I did make so snow ice cream though!!! I cut back on the vanilla and added green tea to mine. It was yummy and made my teeth chatter. LOL The best part of a weekend like this is sleeping and knitting and sleeping and eating and sleeping and sleeping. Oh, did I forget to mention sleeping.

Keep stitchin'

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