Thursday, February 18, 2010

Express Script...What a joke

Whose bright idea was express script? So what I'm saving money on my prescription, not if I can't get it delivered so I can take it...HELLO!!!!! What a joke! The csp's talk to you like you're 6 yrs old and never have answers to your questions.
I went to the doctor Saturday, watched the doctor fill out the info and fax my prescription over before I left. Five days later, I didn't even count Sunday, I'm expecting an email saying my script has at least been processed and is on the way...nothing. I go to the website to check my order status and there is no indication that a prescription has been ordered so I call. I'm told that the pharmacist has questions about the prescription and it can't be processed until then. What is there to question? It's the same prescription, no dosage change or anything. Why not indicate in an email that there is an issue?
Eventually I'll get a three-month day before I have a stroke. I thought pressure pills were supposed to control your blood pressure!!! Ohhhhh, that's right, they do but only if you TAKE THEM!!! What should I do, order every month so that I have a year's worth and never have to run out. That won’t work why, because then they'd say, "It's too soon to order another supply".
If you work for express script, TOO BAD!!!! Your service stinks!!!! Let me give you all my info and you can handle me personally every time. Then maybe my opinion will change! What's that? Can't do that can you? FREAKING WASTE OF MY TIME AND LIFE! Thanks a lot Goodwill!!

Keep stitchin'
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