Friday, February 11, 2011

Dublin Bay Sock

After completing my first pair of 'grown up' socks that actually fit the way they're supposed to fit, I gave myself a day to rest my fingers and then dove right into the next pair. I was hoping to find a simple cable pattern but instead I found a pattern that is absolutely lovely! It has a beautiful open lace pattern running down the left and right sides of the socks. The socks, found on raverly, are called Dublin Bay by Ryan Morrissey. For those not on rav, again WHY NOT, a pdf link can be found here as well. You have to scroll down the page, looking on the left sidebar for dublin bay socks under free patterns.

I finished all but grafting the toe on the first sock. I am now ready to start the second sock. I know I made 10 million mistakes in the sock but the open work on the sides is very forgiving! I shoved a white cup down inside of the sock to get a good shot of the lace pattern. It's a simple four row repeat, actually it's only two rows since both the even rows are knit. Not only did I make tons of mistakes but I made the mistake of not keeping track of how many repeats I did for the sake of the second sock. So once I've completed the second, or rather the first sock, I'll have to rip the 'other' sock and do it over again. At least I'll have good info on how far to go.

I also discovered through all my errors that I have a great amount of yarn leftover so I can afford to make the sock longer as well. The disadvantage of top down socks is not knowing if you'll have enough yarn to finish the socks. So messing up the first sock is looking to be not so bad after all.
Now I have to keep some better pics as well. The color of the yarn is more of a deep red or burgandy rather than purple as they are showing today.

Keep stitchin'
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