Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I guess the paint finally dried

I finished my socks on Sunday and actually wore them to work with blue pants on Monday, everybody loved them. They fit very comfortably in my shoes and there was absolutely no binding or pinching of the calves. When I took them off after work there was ring around my calf or that itching you get after having tight knee highs around your legs all day.

The shoe below is not the shoes I wore to work, I just wanted a dressy shoe to wear for my close up, LOL. Imagine, if the socks are this comfy with a MaryJane shoe it has to be very comfortable with a loafer-type shoe.

The yarn I used to make these sock is from yarn I already had in stock from Colours the Yarn Gallery in Randallstown, MD. I haven't been there in quite some time but I presume they are still in business, guess that means it's time for a visit.

Even though the beginning was a bit intimidating because I've never worked with yarn of this weight nor double pointed needles I am so glad I was able to push on and triumph with these socks. Now the beautiful socks on my computer's background to give me inspiration/motivation are my own and I've already started a second pair!

Keep stitchin'
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