Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day for who?

So this is a weekend for lovers...blahhhhhhh!
Since I love me just as much as someone else day...soon I hope. I decided to make a nice breakfast for myself . Afterall, I know what I like:
  • Anything in a wine or champagne glass
  • Flowers, even artificial will do
  • Soft music
  • Nice place setting
  • Scented candle
I do these things for myself whenever the mood strikes just because I'm special. Well this morning was a bit too much for me with it being the weekend for love and all. I decided to make some simple homemade biscuits. You know the kind, 5 simple ingredients that most usually have on hand anyway; with the exception of the shortening. They came out nice and golden and with a dab of All Natural peanut butter they'll be great with eggs and coffee.

Why was this NOT a very good idea? Well I did mention the 'teary eyes'. Kinda stressful this morning watching EVERYTHING on every station revolving around lovers. I used Baking Soda instead of Baking Powdered in my biscuits. Big, big, big mistake!!! Of course I ate nearly an entire biscuit because I thought my taste buds were off since I'd just brushed my teeth. Once I walked back into the kitchen I realized what I'd done.
One of my friend mentioned not working on a good project while you're stressed because it makes a difference in gauge. Well, I think the same thing goes for cooking...just stick to knitting.
So with that said I did make another set stitch markers last night! I needed some for my crochet projects and for keeping track of needles when working with DPN's. These came out pretty good it I say so myself!

Keep stitchin'
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